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About Us


We believe application of Knowledge is Power. KIP People works in different way. They not only understand the first what the problem is, but focus step by step towards solution of problem from its root cause. The values of our organisations are driven from our ideologies. These are framework based on which all organisation policy’s and rules are designed and implemented. These six ideologies are:

1.Satyam shivamSundaram Basic Honesty & integrity

2.Respect & truth each Employee & customer

3.Tolerance of honest Mistake of employee:KIPParivar

4.Quality & reliability of product & service

5.individual growth, inattentiveness, happiness & efficiency in working

6.Shardhawan labhtegyanam consistent performance is
fundamental principal towards knowledge and it is knowlwdge that leads to power.


Mission Statement of Company


“Leading Towards Enduring Great Organisation.”




We believe leaders of organisation are lamp house for the whole organisation. Their approach affects managers and ultimate executors in organisation. KIP leaders follow the below approach and that is ultimately pass on ultimate executor in organisation.


1 KIP Leader know well what decision to take, When, Where and Why and How it will be taken.
2 KIP Leaders Understand Well Dreams of KIP People and connect with Company Dreams.
3 KIP Leaders always have foresightedness in decision making.
4 KIP Leaders Always See Big Picture of Facts
5 They pursue the team to take decisions based on facts and objects of each case.
6 They always prefer Attention to detailed facts, sometimes it reveals critical information’s.
7 KIP Leaders Check Past History of similar facts and cases to take right decisions.
8 KIP team Always do the Cost/ Benefit analysis of things from for customer and organisation.
9 Leaders Always keep organisation hierarchy in view and encourage informal comm. Skills.
10 Prefer Second opinion on some critical and technical issues. Teams decisions some time are better.
11 Leaders Understand and listen the people working under him.
12 Keep motivated people but each motivation must bring value addition in his or her thoughts and actions.
13 Always give importance to mistakes and their nature, affect and future likely chance to occur.
14 Contribute in development of Systems and sub Systems in his own department and organisation.
15 Always do quality audit of work of staff under you. It gives you more insights of works and you
can judge the confidence level of people under you.
16 Listen carefully customer words and understand his requirements.
17 KIP Leaders do Consistent follow up of core ideologies of company
18 Proactiveness is Must for leaders. This increases when you get aware from your past learnings.
19 synchronize the things and facts from one instance to another. This will increase integrity and
ability to take effective and long-term decisions.
20 Professional scepticism- it helps in doubting some facts of case and find alternatives to remove his doubts.
21 Faith in God and Himself is Key attributes to Leaders Confidence.
22 Meditation and Yoga helps in balancing leaders body and mind health.
23 Soft and humble talks help in increasing Network and getting work done from subordinates.
24 Working out always new methods to do existing works and how to save time of subordinates and brings efficiency in working.
25 Perception Differences- So always take initiative in understanding other perspective
26 Arranging Meetings regularly to focus on things.
27 Documentation of things. It adds in future decision making. It also helps in recalling yourself what was past.
28 Keep himself in touch with software changes and updates. It will increase efficiency of your team.
29 Keep himself updated in technical changes in his department. /Always give Opportunity
His team to collectively work on New changes.
30 KIP Leader always have thinking out of box and effective presentations.




How IDEA of “KIP” Came into Mind of its Founder.

 KIP – Stands for Knowledge is Power. The idea of establishment of KIP – An Enduring Great Organisation came in to his mind on 12th Jan 2001 when he was so sad in life since being failed in CA final Examination. The heart and Soul was saying again and again Knowledge is Power. You did best of your efforts. You know all the subject content. But it is not yours time. Believe in God. Stay at your efforts. In this world, degree is important, but it is more important to have knowledge of the subject. Work hard and make this failure a starting point of your success story. He did efforts again and again believing on the KARMA Principle of GEETA. Finally, he got qualified in year 2004, but does not forget the failure and his aim and vision for creating a KIP empire. It was very difficult after spending 7 years in CA process to find out the point from where to start to achieve the burning desire. The whole body and Soul was saying God will help you. And this actually happens, the opportunities came, and a CA office was started from one room one-person support. In year 2005, KIP financial Services, a Proprietorship firm was established in year 2005. New and New efforts were planned. Some got success, and some got failed. Some become part of learning and understanding. Gradually after Consistent efforts, KIP got its “Trade Name” and “Copy” Right registered with Registrar of trade Mark and copy right. A Private Limited company : KIP Financial Consultancy Private Limited Came into Existence. After 8 Years, another company KIP Accounting Education Private Limited was set up to exclusively focus on resource development and training.

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