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Accounting Services

KIP Account Services

Report Generation

Only Recording transaction is not enough until you don’t know the Business profit figures and the bifurcation of various expense and Income categories because EXPENSE figures can be DECREASED and INCOME figures can be INCREASED, with a proper control through budgeting.

KIP BOOKKEEPER will generate Information for you and ANSWER for these questions:

  • How the Business can be more Profitable?
  • What should be the direction of investment?
  • Where Control is required?
  • What is the Key area and needs attention?
  • What is the cash flow of the business?

To answer the above questions, we will generate:

  • Trial Balance
  • Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement

Summary Reports

Summary reports are the indicators of business performance. Timely reports can add value to decisions. And KIP gives due importance to timely reports.

KIP Accountants will generate Trial balance, Profit and loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet etc. for your business depending upon the business needs.

The Summary Business reports could be:

  • Weekly Summary reports
  • Bi Weekly Summary reports
  • Monthly Summary reports
  • Quarterly Summary Reports
  • Bi Annually Summary reports
  • Annual Summary Reports

Featured Services

  • Accounting File Clean Up

If you feel that your Accountant has not done the books correctly, then KIP is the solution to your problem. KIP Accountants will clean up all your Accounting system because mismatching in Accounts can have consequence during taxation. So you should outsource the Accounting file clean up with clean and reconciled figures.

  • Accounting File Catch Up

If you haven’t taken care of your financial figures till now, then don’t worry. KIP will do this for you! You just give us all your source documents and your KIP Accountant will catch up the file and make it ready for taxes.

  • New Business Set Up Accounting

Are you looking to set up an Accounting system for your new Business setup? New Business set up Accounting is one of our core services. When the beginning will be good, we can ensure a smooth running for the long run. KIP Professional Accountants and Bookkeepers will first review the Business nature and then set up the best suitable Accounting system.

  • Accounting Software installation

Accounting Softwares Installation needs specialized knowledge and experienced professional. And KIP team is well experienced to install all Accounting softwares. Installation and creating a Business File needs Business Information of client. We will do this for you at a cost, you can’t imagine!

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