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I am new to Outsourcing.

That’s not a problem at all. Many of our clients tried outsourcing with us and it was their 1st successful experience with outsourcing. It’s similar to allowing your staff member to work from home with the advantage of cost saving.

Why should I Outsource?

Outsourcing is beneficial for you in many ways. Some of the benefits you get from outsourcing are increased profits, reduced cost, access to expertise and specialized services, increased productivity, reduced time to delivery, improved customer satisfaction and many more.

Why should I choose KIP?

You want a team that is dedicated and pays full attention to your work. Unlike others, we are concerned only about you. We are available anytime to take care of your concerns. For other companies your projects could be used to train their employees. Do you want your projects to be taken as the training grounds for others? If not, then you can rely on us.

What about my data security?

We have a secured data network and it is reliable. We use 128-bit encryption and secured Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and firewalls to maintain security of our data. We sign a Non- disclosure Agreement (NDA) with our employees. Strict avoidance of any external storage devices like CD drives, Floppy drives, USB ports etc. on the PC workstations that our employees use. Regular Antivirus updation is one of our Computer users Policy. For more details, please see our security policy.

What services can I outsource from KIP?

Accounting Services, Bookkeeping services, Financial Reporting, Business set up in India, Administrative services and taxation services.

How is KIP unique?

Years of experience and expertise in Outsourcing, Accounting, Financial and Taxation work keeps KIP many steps ahead of others. Our low operating cost, dedication, hard-work, flexibility, Integration, reliability, responsibility makes us different in the offshore market.

What software can I use?

You can choose from a variety of desktop version of software like QuickBooks, Quicken, MYOB, Xero, Peachtree and others for the work. You can also opt for the online versions of the software like QuickBooks online, Xero online, Fresh Books, Netsuite etc. This software have different version for different functions. The choice of software depends on the needs of business.

What if I don’t want to give an access to my computer, how will I use your services?

You can still use our services by using the online version of the software in terms of bookkeeping. You can login through internet and can access your accounts whenever you wish. You can also send us the statements and we will work on our secured systems and will provide you final work on completion.

How would I communicate with you due to time zone difference? What kind of help desk support is available to me?

Communication is the essence of every work. We understand this and don’t let the communication gap come between us and our clients. We are available to you via Skype, g talk, Yahoo messenger, emails and phone at the time convenient to you. We do everything to meet your communication needs and thus communicate with you on time.

What about doubts and queries that arise regarding the work? How would you be able to clarify them?

We totally understand that doubts and queries may arise anytime and they need to be clarified as soon as possible. If any point comes in your mind regarding work, you can contact us by sending a mail. We shall get back to u within 24 hours with the solution. We also use the same procedure when we have any doubts that need clarification regarding work or information provided by you.

Do I have to pay a high price for your services?

Absolutely not! KIP is providing all the services at very low and affordable prices. The pricing is based upon the complexity of the work. Our motto is to provide you with superior quality of work at the lowest and affordable prices. With such affordable prices, you shall not be able to resist the temptation of outsourcing our services.

Do I have to review all the documents to check whether the client has provided all the required documents or not?

You need not have to spend time in checking the input documents. You just have to send the documents to us and our team will take care of it by reviewing the completeness of documents. After that we will tell you what we have received and what is missing.

What if the input documents provided by me are incomplete or have missing information?

In such case, we will tell you what information is missing. When you would provide us the missing information we would complete the work and provide you the updated work Or we would send you the backup copy of the software so that when you receive the missing information or data you can enter it by yourself.

How would I transfer input documents to you?

You can transfer the documents to us by following methods:

  • By using web based file sharing services like- Drop box, Google drive etc.
  • Sending documents by e-mail
  • Allowing us to login your system through Remote desktop.
  • FTP to our secure system

I have accounting software already running in my PC workstation and I want to maintain my accounts there only? How can I use your services then?

That’s what KIP specializes in. We use the remote login applications like teamviewer, Logmein, GoToMyPC or Secured VPN etc. to login your computer. We will update the accounting records in evening by using the scanned documents. You will get the accounts updated the next morning and you are ready to use them.

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