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Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Apart from regular Accounting and Bookkeeping for the Tax Compliance, there can be some other situations, where you need help of an expert professional.

  • You may require a Business Loan
  • Any statistical analysis to make sure that we are working in a right manner
  • Business Plans to convince Investors in a New Business
  • Business Valuation for Sale or purchase of Business
  • Financial projections to project the future doings on some basis

KIP Team is competent to provide all Financial and Business services to you in an efficient manner.

Business Plans

KIP Team member will:

  • Analyze the Business and the Industry conditions
  • Reason to Prepare Business Plan
  • Will decide for the approach to be used to make it more effective
  • And finally the Business Plan (Financial Figures and Word profile for the text part) will be delivered within deadlines, if any.

Financial projections

Financial Projections are the financial figures for the near future on the basis of some conditions which may prevail during that period. After considering the period of financial projection, Financial Assumptions and facts of any Venture capital funds or loan, the following statements will be provided to you:

  • Projected Financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash flow Statement)
  • Ratios analysis
  • Graphical Presentation
  • Annexures for the Projection Supporting

Valuation Reports

KIP will help you evaluate the business value and thus help in taking decision while purchasing or selling business. Business Valuation tells:

  • What is the worth of Business you are going to purchase
  • What should be the minimum price for the business We will take care of the situation and accordingly employ a best method to value the business like discounted cash Flows, PE Multiple, Market Value etc.

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis of Business creates a quick impact in the mind with summary of major information.

So your core functions need financial analysis to take appropriate decisions. KIP gives you the best analysis of your financial figures to provide with summary reports to the Management and taking the best decision with proofread data.

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