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Bookkeeping Rates for Full time or part time Bookkeepers

It is an assurance from KIP that the cost savings will be between 50- 70% than what you pay to an in house Bookkeeper. Our expert staff will take care of all your Service needs and provide the best services with minimum possible cost and maximum possible output.KIP Provides Accounting service in hisar Haryana.

How do you pay for our services?

We care for client convenience and therefore we have convenient mode of payment for you.

How Much Do you Save?

It is our Guarantee that you will save your money but through this information, you can know that HOW MUCH do you save.

How Much Do You Save?
Cost Inhouse BookKeeper Other Outsourcerd Outsourcing to KIP
Salary @ $25-$30 / hour
Plus Benefits @30%
Plus Overheads @ 50%
$35-$45 / hour
Plus $70-$100 for
Account Setup
Plus $395-$495 for
Software Setup
Plus Help Desk
50-70% Saving is Guaranteed!
No start up cost, no over head

Full Time or part Time Bookkeepers?

We serve all Business types either small or big. And therefore provide the services as per need.

You can choose

  • Full Time Bookkeepers
  • Or part Time Bookkeeper

depending upon the need of business. But yes, the COST SAVING ASSURANCE will be for every option!

Type of Project?

Type of project Fixed price project Hourly project
Meaning where the cost, schedule, and scope are set by a mutual consent between buyer and the contractor Where the cost is determined on the basis of work done in an hour and the fixed hourly rate.
Useful When the project has critical time deadlines When you want to save your cost
Time Tracking Not required Suitable media would be taken to track time with screenshots of work
Cost effective Yes Yes
Volume of data When the Volume of work is high When the Volume of work is low

Annual/ Monthly Fixed Bookkeeping Cost

Want to know a fixed monthly/ annual quote? Then you can Contact us here or direct call at +91 935-435-1780.

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We get started with Outsourcing with a simple step and that is an Engagement letter.

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