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QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts Part Two

After getting Appreciation on the First Part of Keyboard Shortcuts, I recently got some more Shortcuts beneficial for Tax Research Person.

The point to note down is:

  • It works only if you have 10 digit number pad on keyboard
  • Hold down Alt and Press 171 (for an example), then back up Alt, you will see the results.

Try this with Alt 21 and you get § (that’s for the people who do tax research). There are many others that you can get with the Alt key and number pad but these are the ones I use most often. It’s quicker than using the symbol lookup.


You will get 1/2


You will get 1/4


You will get ¢


You will get §


You will get {


You will get }


You will get |


You will get ~
These are also available but not viable to use as these are already on keyboard directly:


You will get –


You will get +


You will get ?


You will get &

This is not the complete list, which you can do with Alt key and Number pad. There can be hundreds of such symbols, you can find there. Even the result can be same with two or  more combos. Like Alt-683 and Alt-171 will give the same result ½.
You can get:

  • Alphabets in small letters as well as Capital Letters (Start with Alt-97 and you will get the results in small letters and Alt-577 for capital letters)
  • Numbers
  • And Symbols through the combination of Alt and Numbers.

But it is not viable to use these combinations for alphabets and numbers because we are here to get some fruitful results with less efforts and thus save time. The above table contains the mostly used symbols. So we don’t need to look up for the symbols. Just use the combinations.

If you are looking for some symbol, which is not in above Table, then Please do let me know and I’ll help to find that.

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