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Kip Financial has a strong information protection policy, network security architecture, and tested disaster recovery plans.

Data Security in the Working Area

  • We do not allow any writing material in the working area.
  • The computers in the working area are not equipped with Floppy drives and CD-ROMs or connected to the internet. USB Ports are disabled to prevent unauthorized data access.
  • The Document Management Operators can log in and log out of the computer only via the KIP Access Entry Portal. They have no access to Windows Explorer or any data drives of the machines.
  • Any content between us and our customers is exchanged over the Internet through secured VPN connectivity and encrypted for maximum security.
  • Round-the-clock security presence.
  • All doors/entry/exit points are secure and all movement is logged through security cameras.
  • All visitors are made to register at the Security Office, sign and obtain a temporary ID badge. Their movement within the facility is restricted and is always in the presence of an authorized company employee at all times.

Disaster Recovery Policy

  • KIP Financial Consultancy has a 4 Mbps Fiber Optic (overhead) Cable from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) also an alternate 2 Mbps 1:1 w/o sharing local loop line (underground) in case of natural disasters like heavy rains and storms.
  • Specialized software to replicate important data onto servers, in order to retrieve the same wherever required.
  • Important data is also replicated on the Co-Located servers situated at the ISP which indicates that important data is also stored at a place other that the KIP Financial Consultancy locations.
  • Generator back-up of 24/7 with a boot up time of 15 seconds. KIP Financial Consultancy also has 16 hrs UPS Backup in case of Power failure.
  • IBM System x3400 Server for improved productivity through higher processing performance.
  • KIP Financial Consultancy has a dedicated 8 Mbps connectivity and multiple processing locations. If one location goes down work continues uninterrupted in the other locations.

PC Security

  • Individual domain accounts for each processor ensure that the access to source documents is restricted to authorized employees only.
  • No fax and printing capabilities at the processing site.
  • Regular updation of anti-virus software.
  • Low usage of paper in the floor area.
  • Periodic password updations to ensure maximum security.

Internet Security

All data is encrypted during upload and sent with the specified private keys to the client. Encrypted data from the client is downloaded using the public keys specified by the clients to prevent disclosure of sensitive data whilst in transmission across un-trusted networks.

Virus Protection

All incoming and outgoing data is routed through leading Anti Virus servers which scan data for viruses. Virus definitions are auto updated daily and all computer systems are scanned once a week.

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